About Cloud Lake

Established in 2016, Cloud Lake specializes in developing and enabling our customers’ mission capabilities in emerging areas while optimizing business performance through advanced technologies and systems. We offer highly specialized, data-centric services that enable us to focus on helping our government and commercial customers quickly and cost effectively harvest, analyze and leverage the greatest possible value from the increasingly vast amounts of data they are acquiring and need to manage. Cloud Lake’s experienced staff is made up of 40% Veterans, with 85% of the company leadership consisting of Veteran, Minority or Female.
Cloud Lake’s strategic partners include leaders in virtually every area of IT strategy, implementation and management.

Cloud Lake is a small disadvantaged business wholly owned by an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC).


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Barry Smallwood

General Manager
Barry has over twenty years of experience in the computer systems engineering field. His career started in the private sector in 1987 as a systems engineer, designing and supporting field computer systems for a civil engineering firm. In 1993, Barry accepted a job in the local county government providing systems engineering support for their IT systems. In 1999, Barry joined the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a contractor for the Office of Special Intelligence; he was then hired by the DEA in 2001 to lead the Office of Special Intelligence System Engineering and Development unit. In July 2010, Barry was promoted to Associate Deputy Assistant Administrator (Chief of Operations, Engineering and Development of the Office of Information Systems). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from George Mason University.


Critical Infrastructure Protection
Enterprise IT
Insider Threat
Business Lifecycle & Mission Support
Big Data