DEA Concorde Program

Cloud Lake Technology has launched this Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Concorde Program application website to coordinate with program incumbents regarding contract transition status.

Cloud Lake is honored to join the exclusive community that supports the DEA Concorde program. The program is the agency’s standard in custom software development and it provides the DEA with mission critical software support across multiple lines of business and operating spaces.

Who We Are
Cloud Lake is proud of its extensive federal law enforcement experience. We specialize in combining data analytics with the latest cyber-attack technologies, while balancing and managing operational and business risk. Our teams work alongside our law enforcement customers to implement and maintain development and data best practices that result in superior results.  Those results, coupled with our ability to overcome organizational boundaries, provide the groundwork for rapid enterprise transformation.

To learn more about Cloud Lake, visit our website at

Join Us
Cloud Lake offers a challenging and rewarding work environment, competitive salary and benefits, and a wide variety of career development opportunities.

During this transition, we will make every effort to capture and retain incumbent program employees in recognition of your unique qualifications and institution experience as well as to preserve continued employment for all impacted team members where possible.  Executing a transition of contract ownership as seamlessly and smoothly as possible for all stakeholders is a core objective of Cloud Lake leadership.

If you’re interested in joining the Cloud Lake team in support of the DEA Concorde program transformation effort, you can submit your pre-employment application by going to the below site:

Please click here to submit your application with Cloud Lake for your current position

Please check in frequently to this web site for new or updated information regarding this transition.