Cloud Data Protection

Safeguard your data wherever it flows

A “Cloud First” strategy is virtually a mandate at all government and commercial organizations. But security concerns and loss of control of data are barriers to any Cloud deployment. These are concerns that Cloud Lake can eliminate. With our Cloud Protection Services, you’ll always know exactly where your data is, what’s happening to it and who’s looking at it—regardless of your Cloud service provider. You’ll know what data to store locally, have it encrypted at all points to and from any Cloud-based application and know for certain that it has not been changed when it returns on premise. Moving to the Cloud is a strategic imperative. Look to Cloud Lake for the end-to-end data protection services needed to safeguard and streamline this strategy while ensuring its long term success.

Data Optimization

Shorten the data-to-action timeline

Big Data, real time and predictive analytics present organizations with an unprecedented ability to garner actionable insights from massive, ever changing trends at blazing speeds. This is the meaning of data optimization in today’s data intensive environments. But essential to its success are the collapse of data silos and the consolidation of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data into manageable domains that can be quickly and inexpensively queried. This is how you shorten the data-to-action timeline and Cloud Lake personnel are at the forefront of these efforts at some of today’s most complex and demanding enterprises.

Behavior Analytics

Leverage the value of all your data

Cloud Lake personnel can utilize today’s leading edge behavior analytics to describe, predict and improve business performance, detect fraud, uncover varying value and hidden risk, gather and analyze security events and generally predict behavior and guide decision making across the widest variety of real world situations and circumstances.

Insider Threat

Data-centric insider threat protection

With deep functional experience across the Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities, Cloud Lake, with our strategic partner SAVA, provide our customers data-centric insider threat monitoring strategies and analytics, continual evaluation, analysis, reporting, response, remediation and employee awareness services.  Whether an organic existing system or a new system, Cloud Lake and SAVA leverage counterintelligence and behavioral assessment, security and information assurance to accelerate baseline insider threat programs while providing expert analysis and recommendations for combatting malicious insiders.

Network Defense

Stop intruders before they get to your data

In late November, 2014, hackers breached Sony’s servers and leaked a wide range of data, including internal documents on Sony’s employees and actors as well as copies of unreleased movies. Though large, Sony only ranks as the 33rd largest incident of that year in terms of numbers of records breached. Ebay, JP Morgan Chase, Texas Health and Human Services, U.S. Postal Service, Goodwill Industries International and the University of Maryland are just a handful companies, government agencies, non-profits and even colleges that surrendered even more data and documents. The lesson is clear: It’s not if you’ll be hacked, it’s when.  And this is also where Cloud Lake can add tremendous value. Working closely with your security teams, our Network Defense specialists can help keep the most sophisticated hackers away from your data even after your traditional defenses have been breached.

Data Tagging

Share confidential data without fear of compromise

In many circumstances, sharing data containing sensitive information about individuals cannot be shared internally without stringent, highly regulated safeguards. Cloud Lake combines data tagging techniques with enterprise security best practices models to enable our customers to identify and classify information according to confidentiality levels, access authorization and other handling instructions. Information can then flow freely among highly restricted groups without fear of compromise.