Critical Infrastructure Protection

Protecting your most critical assets

Protecting our nation’s critical assets has never been more important – or more complex – than it is today. As hackers get smarter and threats continue to grow exponentially, government agencies must take a proactive, comprehensive approach to critical infrastructure protection. Cloud Lake has deep experience securing information networks, delivering enhanced emergency management operations and ensuring agency assets are safeguarded before disaster strikes.

Emergency Management Modernization Program (EM2P): When an emergency strikes, it is critically important to be able to quickly and effectively notify those who are in danger. Cloud Lake provides highly specialized expertise, capabilities, and technologies enabling DoD Emergency First Responders to protect the lives of an estimated 1.3 million military personnel, their families, civilians, and contractors stationed at U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps installations across the world. Under the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) Emergency Management Modernization Program (EM2P), Cloud Lake provides engineering, design, information assurance, and 24/7/365 sustainment support to the DoD’s existing and next-generation Emergency Management systems for rapidly notifying installation personnel of hazards, threats, or emergencies. The supported systems include Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1), Mass Warning Notification (MWN), and Audio Visual Notification System (AVNS).


Enterprise IT

Transforming IT to maximize impact

From cloud computing and virtualization to agile software development and big data, today’s IT systems are required to be faster, more efficient and easier to use. At Cloud Lake we help agencies transform their existing infrastructure to reimagine workflows, enhance security and improve overall delivery.

Cloud Engineering & Virtualization and Data Protection: A “Cloud First” strategy is virtually a mandate at all government and commercial organizations. But security concerns and loss of control of data are barriers to any cloud deployment. These are concerns that Cloud Lake can eliminate. With our Cloud Protection Services, you’ll always know exactly where your data is, what’s happening to it and who’s looking at it—regardless of your cloud service provider. You’ll know what data to store locally, have it encrypted at all points to and from any cloud-based application and know for certain that it has not been changed when it returns on premise. Moving to the cloud is a strategic imperative. Look to Cloud Lake for the end-to-end data protection services needed to safeguard and streamline this strategy while ensuring its long term success.

Enterprise Architecture Planning & Design: Emerging commercial and government-developed technologies are key to moving today’s government forward. Cloud Lake evaluates, analyzes, and recommends ways to implement these next-generation technologies in a way that best aligns with an agency’s mission requirements. Cloud Lake’s team of experts conduct analyses including enterprise architecture integration, information assurance strategy, capability portfolio management, system bandwidth, and cyber security strategy. Additionally, we provide requirements analysis and definition, design, implementation, integration and verification of the interoperability interfaces.

Software Development: Whether you’re looking for mobile or web applications, or your project is on an enterprise scale, Cloud Lake’s technical developers will deliver tailor-made solutions to meet your mission needs. We perform cradle-to-grave software development using the ITIL Service Delivery model.

Insider Threat

Data-centric insider threat protection

With deep functional experience across the Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities, Cloud Lake provides our customers data-centric insider threat monitoring strategies and analytics, continual evaluation, analysis, reporting, response, remediation and employee awareness services. Whether an organic existing system or a new system, Cloud Lake leverages counterintelligence and behavioral assessment, security and information assurance to accelerate baseline insider threat programs while providing expert analysis and recommendations for combatting malicious insiders.

Comprehensive and Integrative Threat Management: Cloud Lake enhances data sharing capabilities across “stove piped” emergency management/force protection applications and systems. Cloud Lake identifies and disseminates time-critical incidents, imminent (internal & external) threats, and/or hazard information within the Agency’s Area of Responsibility to streamline information sharing through automation and analytical framework.

Network Defense: Today’s truth…it’s not if you’ll be hacked, it’s when. There is where Cloud Lake can add tremendous value to your organization. Working closely with your security teams, our Network Defense specialists can help keep the most sophisticated hackers away from your data even after your traditional defenses have been breached.

Data Tagging: Cloud Lake combines data tagging techniques with enterprise security best practices models to enable our customers to identify and classify information according to confidentiality levels, access authorization and other handling instructions. Information can then flow freely among highly restricted groups without fear of compromise.

Business Lifecycle & Mission Support

End-to-end support for your most critical missions

From technical expertise to program delivery, Cloud Lake offers comprehensive business lifecycle and mission support services to drive standardization and efficiency and increase operational effectiveness.

Program & Portfolio Management: As IT projects continue to grow in scale and complexity, the ability to manage projects across your agency’s portfolio becomes increasingly difficult. Cloud Lake can serve as an extension of your team, delivering the optimal mix of people, processes, and tools to ensure projects are delivering their intended returns and your portfolio is operating at peak performance.

Global Intelligence & Mission Operations: Today’s Global Intelligence and Cyber Command and Control operations require reliable, secure and uninterrupted availability of their IT and telecom assets – from the tactical edge to the strategic enterprise level. Cloud Lake has extensive experience providing 24/7 global mission operations support in support of Defense and Law enforcement missions, including for the Defense Intelligence Agency and Drug Enforcement Administration. Cloud Lake provides 24/7/365 Level I, II, and Tier III support out of its fully owned and operated Managed IT center, and leverages government-approved, provided, and accessible incident ticket systems which emphasizes ten key functionalities and mission capable readiness. In accordance with Cloud Lake’s corporate values and military hiring initiatives, Cloud Lake’s Managed IT center is 80% staffed by US military veterans as well as Guard members and reservists.

Technical PMO Support: In an environment where project failure can have a catastrophic effect on your mission, having experienced, technical project management support is vitally important. Cloud Lake provides knowledge-based services for our customers’ PMOs, and the PMO platforms upon which such programmatic and technical activities are built to become actionable. Cloud Lake develops strategies to support the efforts the program undertakes to increase the agency’s service demand, identify capabilities likely to grow in importance, recommend new technologies, and analyze operational data to enhance the current PMO capabilities and plan for the out-years.

Our Customers

Cloud Lake supports a variety of customers across the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and federal civilian agencies including:

• U.S. Army
• U.S. Air Force
• U.S. Marine Corps
• Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
• Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
• Department of Justice
• Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)